The Power of Unions

One little fish in the sea doesn’t have much power or influence, and can be swept here and there by the currents, not to mentioned attacked by the bigger, more powerful, fish out there. It’s not without a basis, that it’s said that there is power in numbers

There are many advantages to be part of a Union. Of course, employers are often suspicious of Unions and their workings, and, to a large degree, there fears are founded in a sad past for Unions. In past years many Unions, and their leaders, were really less concerned about the workers and more concerned about themselves and feathering their own nests. Stories of corruption and bribery have their basis in truth, and gave Unions a bad rap.

Fortunately for everyone, times have changed for the better. Unions now have, generally, less power than previously and that has allowed them to concentrate on their original reason for being – ensuring that workers rights and conditions are reasonable.

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